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June 4, 2024 | Myra Scripts, NGS


The Rapid Barcoding Kit 24 V14 by Oxford Nanopore Technologies is a NGS Library Prep kit designed to swiftly attach unique barcode sequences to DNA samples for NGS sequencing. Unlike the Native Barcoding Kit, which directly links barcodes to DNA without amplification, the Rapid Barcoding Kit uses a PCR-based approach after DNA amplification. This method enables the simultaneous barcoding of multiple samples in a single sequencing run, making it perfect for high-throughput experiments where efficiency and speed are crucial. By streamlining the barcoding process, this kit accelerates experimental workflows, saving researchers time and resources while ensuring accurate sample identification.

This protocol semi-automates Rapid Barcoding Kit 24 V14 for up to 24 libraries on the Myra where the 96 Well Magnetic Station is used for the clean-up steps and the heating steps are performed on an external thermal cycler. By automating the pipetting-intensive steps, human error can be eliminated, thereby providing high-quality reproducible results, and increasing overall productivity.

More information on the protocol can be found via Download the Protocol PDF.

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