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Here is a little bit about us, Bio Molecular Systems. Bio Molecular Systems (BMS) is a biotechnology company that designs, manufactures and distributes instrumentation for the life sciences. BMS was established in 2010 by the founders and senior personnel from the former Corbett Life Sciences company. BMS has the expertise in developing innovative, versatile, robust, and easy-to-use products that generate strong customer loyalty. Our long-standing position in the biotech manufacturing sector enables us to establish a reputation for continuous and rapid in-house innovation and product evolution.

BMS has an R&D and manufacturing facility located within the Gold Coast area just 50 minutes south of the city of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia). Our facilities contain state of the art technology for both R&D engineering and manufacturing. We also have a second site in Sydney used to conduct all applications testing. By directly controlling all phases of production, we optimise quality control, minimise overhead costs and ensure rapid product development. BMS is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

Watch a factory tour of BMS.

Bio Molecular Systems (Head Office)

Unit 5/3 Northward Street, Upper Coomera QLD 4209, Australia

Bio Molecular Systems (Sales and Support)

Suite 504, 24 – 30 Springfield Ave, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia