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Myra Performance

The benchmark in liquid handling.

Myra performance hero

Team Work

Achieving a new benchmark in data quality is facilitated by the flawless integration of two highly precise and accurate instruments: the Myra liquid handling system and the Mic real-time PCR machine. This seamless automated qPCR workflow not only ensures efficiency but also guarantees top-notch results.

Myra and Mic

The Facts

The key to excellent data starts with Accuracy and Precision.

Automated liquid handling for PCR involves the utilization of robotic systems to meticulously and efficiently dispense and transfer liquids throughout the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) setup. By incorporating these automated systems, one can guarantee not only accuracy, which is the capacity to attain the correct value, but also precision, which is the ability to consistently replicate the same value.

In the context of automated qPCR setup, achieving both accuracy and precision is of utmost importance. The Myra pipetting robot excels in both aspects, delivering outstanding results that serve as undeniable proof of its capabilities.


Means sample repeatability

Boasting an automated pipetting precision of less than 10% CV at 1 µL, the Myra robotic pipette becomes a powerful tool for elevating your qPCR repeatability. Regardless of whether you are conducting gene expression studies or HRM genotyping, you can place unwavering trust in your data when utilizing the Myra pipetting robot.

Repeat high copy
  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 10,000 copies per reaction.
  •  48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Cq  = 19.23 | σ = 0.05 | Δmax-min= 0.25 | CV = 0.3%


Even at low copy number

Safeguard your data’s integrity, especially when dealing with samples affected by the inherent Poisson distribution. The Myra automated qPCR setup guarantees that the primary source of bias in your experiments only arises from the probability of aspirating the template, rather than from the performance of the automated pipettor.

Repeat low copy 25 uL
  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 100 copies per reaction*.
  • 48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Cq  = 25.35 | σ = 0.11 | Δmax-min= 0.60 | CV = 0.4%

Precise every time

Reproducible results to ensure experimental integrity

We understand that the ability to replicate your data is paramount in scientific work. Automated PCR setup involves the preparation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments through the use of automated systems. These systems not only facilitate precise and efficient PCR setup but also reduce the risk of human errors, guaranteeing consistent results. With automated PCR setup, researchers can save valuable time and enhance the reproducibility of their molecular biology studies.

Our goal with the Myra liquid handler and Mic real-time PCR instrument is precisely that: achieving consistent experimental setups every time, even when working with extremely low copy numbers.

Reproducibility cycling

*All three Mic runs were analysed using the Project feature.

  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 100 copies per reaction.
  • 48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Repeated three times*.
  • Cq  = 25.39 | σ = 0.11 | Δmax-min= 0.65


Without compromising precision

Myra’s automated pipetting system is specified to maintain an accuracy of less than 10% for a 1µL volume. Importantly, this precision is achieved without compromising pipetting accuracy. Thanks to our world-class pipetting head and low liquid retention tips, we deliver superior liquid handling for qPCR setup with a small and compact automated pipetting system.

Dilution 10 cycling
  • Capricious gene
  • 7 point, 10 fold dilution series of the template run in replicates of 4.
  • E = 97%; R2 = 0.9999.

Accuracy and precision maintained

Even at the extreme!

Elevate the capabilities of your automated qPCR with the Myra liquid handling system. It’s now the standard, rather than the exception, to work with a 1.2-fold dilution series. The Myra pipetting robot guarantees both accuracy and precision, while the Mic qPCR machines remarkable temperature uniformity consistently delivers unparalleled results.

The art of accuracy and precision

Be creative with your lab automation.

Given our robotic liquid handler’s remarkable capabilities in terms of high pipetting accuracy and precision, we decided to get a bit creative. Consequently, we undertook the task of pipetting a complex patterned dilution series, adding a touch of sophistication to our already impressive robotic pipette. The outcome truly speaks for itself.

Dilution various cycling
  • A complex pattern of various dilution factors from 10 fold to as low as 1.2 fold.
  • E = 98%; R2 = 0.9998.


Cheetah-like speed with hawk-like accuracy.

Equipped with state-of-the-art linear rails, closed-loop axis control utilizing optical encoders, and advanced path planning, Myra stands out as one of the fastest robotic liquid handling systems available in the market. Now, let’s explore the remarkable speed of Myra in action. Book your demo today.

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