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Mic IVD qPCR Cycler

Mic IVD - Registered and ready to deploy.

The world’s first magnetic induction cycler is now a registered medical device with CE-IVDR and TGA approval. Mic IVD is manufactured under an ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System.

Mic Product Mobile

Get accurate results, quickly and
easily, in the lab or on-the-go.

Feel Confident

Feel confident in
your results

The Mic delivers unrivalled reproducibility between samples, runs and instruments so you can be confident in your results.

Get results in less time

Get results
in less time

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that time is critical during an outbreak. Completing runs in under 40 minutes is the new standard with Mic, not the exception. Maintaining assay performance even at speed ensures you can trust that data.

Mic Open

Intuitive software for easy use

Intuitive software for
easy use

Still the same plug-and-play format, with IVD features including CFR 21 part 11 traceability, export functionality to LIMS, user permission levels and full validation as required by a medical device.

Feel confident in your results

Molecular diagnostics
anywhere, anytime.

It’s a new world of diagnostics after COVID-19. Speed and portability are essentials not conveniences. At 2kg this is the most portable and compact qPCR IVD on the market. No servicing required.


The Mic IVD instrument is intended to be used with CE-IVDR registered clinical diagnostic qPCR kits to provide detection of nucleic acid sequences in human-derived specimens. The Mic IVD instrument is intended for in-vitro diagnostic use by trained laboratory technicians and pathologists to interpret the results to make a clinical diagnosis.


Mic IVD can be sold in the following countries:


Austria, Bulgaria*, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia#, France, Germany, Iceland*, Ireland, Italy, Latvia*, Liechtenstein, Lithuania#, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands*, Norway*, Poland*, Portugal, Slovenia*, Spain, Switzerland (CE-IVDR)

Türkiye (TiTCK)

*English is an accepted language by the user (for professional use).


Australia (TGA)
Indonesia (MoH)
Iran (IMED)
Japan (PMDA)
Korea (MFDS)
Malaysia (MDA)

North and South America

United States (FDA)#
Brazil (ANVISA)
Canada (Health Canada)#
Uruguay (MSP)#
Colombia (INVIMA)

#Coming Soon

Mic Product

Mic IVD | Specs

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Height130mm (265mm lid open)
Weight2 kg
mic spec sidemic spec top

Thermal Performance

Temperature Accuracy±0.25°C (60 – 95°C)
±0.50°C (otherwise)
Temperature Uniformity±0.20°C
Ramp RatesHeating 4°C/s (min.)
Cooling 3°C/s (min.)
Temperature Input Range35 – 99°C (min. 40°C when cycling)


DetectorsPhotodiode per channel
Excitation SourcesHigh power LED for each channel
ChannelsGreenEx 465nmEm 510nm
YellowEx 540nmEm 570nm
OrangeEx 585nmEm 618nm
RedEx 635nmEm 675nm
Acquisition Time1 second

Reaction Tubes

Samples per Instrument48
Reaction Volume Range5 – 30µL

Operating Environment

Temperature18 – 35ºC
Relative Humidity20 – 80%

Transport and Storage Conditions

Temperature5 – 35ºC
Relative Humidity0 – 95% (no condensation)