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June 4, 2024 | Myra Scripts, NGS


The plexWell LP384 Library Preparation Kit from seqWell offers high-throughput library preparation for up to 384 samples simultaneously, enhancing uniformity and sensitivity through unique molecular barcoding technology. Its flexible workflow accommodates various sample types and concentrations, including challenging samples like FFPE or degraded samples, while its streamlined protocol reduces hands-on time and minimizes errors. Compatible with most NGS platforms, the kit provides cost-effective, robust performance, enabling reliable and reproducible results for both research and clinical applications.

This protocol semi-automates the plexWell LP384 Library Preparation Kit for up to 384 samples on the Myra where the 96 Well Magnetic Station is used for the clean-up steps and the heating steps are performed on an external thermal cycler. By automating the pipetting-intensive steps, human error can be eliminated, thereby providing high-quality reproducible results, and increasing overall productivity.

More information on the protocol can be found via Download the Protocol PDF.

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