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Myra Performance

The benchmark in liquid handling.

Team Work

  • A perfectly seamless automated qPCR workflow between the Myra liquid handling robot and Mic real-time PCR machine
  • Two very accurate and precise instruments.
  • Setting a new benchmark in data quality.
Myra and Mic

The Facts

The key to excellent data starts with Accuracy and Precision.

Accuracy is the ability to achieve the right value. Precision is the ability to reproduce the same value. For automated qPCR setup, you need to be able to do both – really well. The Myra pipetting robot can. The proof is in our results.


Means sample repeatability

With an automated pipetting precision of < 10% CV at 1 µL, the Myra robotic pipette will enhance your qPCR repeatability. Whether it’s for your gene expression studies or HRM genotyping, you will be confident in the data when setting up on the Myra pipetting robot. 

Repeat high copy
  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 10,000 copies per reaction.
  •  48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Cq  = 19.23 | σ = 0.05 | Δmax-min= 0.25 | CV = 0.3%


Even at low copy number

Maintain confidence in your data even when you are working with samples that are influenced by the unavoidable Poisson distribution. The Myra automated qPCR setup ensures that the only significant bias in your experiments comes from the probability of aspirating the template and not the performance of the automated pipettor.

Repeat low copy 25 uL
  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 100 copies per reaction*.
  • 48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Cq  = 25.35 | σ = 0.11 | Δmax-min= 0.60 | CV = 0.4%

Precise every time

Reproducible results to ensure experimental integrity

We know that the most important part of any scientific work is being able to reproduce your data. With the Myra liquid handler and Mic real-time PCR instrument, that’s exactly what we aim for. Achieve equivalent experimental setup each time, every time. Even when working with very low copy numbers.

Reproducibility cycling

*All three Mic runs were analysed using the Project feature.

  • KRAS human genomic DNA target.
  • 100 copies per reaction.
  • 48 replicates setup using 1 µL of template per 25 µL reaction.
  • Repeated three times*.
  • Cq  = 25.39 | σ = 0.11 | Δmax-min= 0.65


Without compromising precision

Myra’s automated pipetting accuracy is specified to less than 10% for a 1 µL volume. But this does not come at the cost of reducing pipetting precision. Our world class pipetting head combined with low liquid retention tips, ensure best in-class liquid handling from a small and compact automated pipetting system.

Dilution 10 cycling
  • Capricious gene
  • 7 point, 10 fold dilution series of the template run in replicates of 4.
  • E = 97%; R2 = 0.9999.

Accuracy and precision maintained

Even at the extreme!

Push the limits of your automated qPCR. A 1.2-fold dilution series is now the norm, not the exception when using the Myra liquid handling system. The Myra pipetting robot ensures accuracy and precision while Mic’s incredible temperature uniformity maintains unmatched results.  

The art of accuracy and precision

Be creative with your lab automation.

With a robotic liquid handler capable of high pipetting accuracy and precision – we thought we would be a little creative. So, we decided to pipette a complex patterned dilution series to add a little flair to our good-looking robotic pipette. The result speaks for itself.

Dilution various cycling
  • A complex pattern of various dilution factors from 10 fold to as low as 1.2 fold.
  • E = 98%; R2 = 0.9998.

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