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Learn About Myra

Everything you need to know.

Liquid level sensing

Myra Advantages


Reduce the number of times you need to swap out tips with our 384 well rack 50µL tips. This also helps reduce the space on the deck to allow more space for other plates. Our tips improve accuracy and precision for smaller volumes and reduce tip retention. They also afford better position precision for smaller tube openings.


A robot that can see – need we say more! With an embedded camera, calibration is a simple click away. No more sticking your head inside and eyeballing the position as best you can. Accurate positioning every time with no effort. And only calibrate the tubes and plates you need at the time. Don’t spend time calibrating tubes you won’t even use just to get started. Myra qpcr is so easy to setup and calibrate you can do it yourself. No need to spend a small fortune on getting a technician to come and install or configure your runs.

Pressure Level Sensing

Myra uses pressure sensing to detect the liquid level. This reduces the risk of detecting bubbles and being affected by static. There’s also the convenient truth of not having to pay for expensive conductive tips. Further, the head can detect the level of aspirate and dispense giving more accurate feedback on the pipetting during a run.

Deck Space

Fewer SBS positions does not mean more restrictions. In fact, through clever flexibility in how we use each position we have created a small robot with more capabilities than robots twice the size. Myra’s software allows you to use any position on a plate or block as a sample, reagent, mix or standard. The smart design Myra multipurpose block provides flexibility for numerous tube types. Tube adaptor inserts enable the use of tubes as small of 0.1 mL up to as big as 10 mL bottles. And the 384 well rack tips we free up the deck space for your plates.

Intelligent Software

Good software will facilitate your work, not dictate it. The Myra software was developed to reduce the burden of too many unnecessary options. We have optimised the system parameters to ensure best practise performance. All you need to do is concentrate on your assays and samples. We do the rest. The software still provides a level of flexibility by enabling Python based scripting to develop your own applications based workflows for the Myra. And being fully integrated with the Mic qPCR cycler makes your workflow completely seamless. Automated analysis, LIMS connection and user permissions allow you to integrate Myra into your lab IT.

Precision and Accuracy

Myra provides best in class precision and accuracy to volumes as low as 1 uL (see our Specs). Our heads are designed, manufactured and quality controlled to the highest standards. Combine this with the outstanding performance of the Mic qPCR cycler and your expectations for data quality will no longer be the same.

Myra FAQ’s


Can Myra load 384 well plates?

Absolutely, Myra is designed to load most SBS plate types currently used. This includes 24, 48, 96 and 384 well. Apart from the Mic tubes, Myra can also load a variety of specialised plates and tubes including for the Rotor-Gene.

What if Myra doesn't have the consumable type I use?

Not to worry. Just contact our Support group and we can certainly take a close look at the consumable type and profile. In most instances as long as the product can fit height wise and is SBS format, we can add it to the Myra list of consumables.

How often do I need you need to calibrate a Myra?

Each axis of the Myra (x, y, and z) is driven by a motor that contains its own encoder. The encoder is just a fancy name for a simple electronic device that keeps track of the motor movement. So once the Myra position and height are calibrated, they no longer need further calibration. Of course you can easily check a position by using the on board camera and ridiculously easy calibration tool in the software.

What purpose does the camera serve?

The camera allows the software to see what is on the deck. This includes tip type used (we have two versions), and allows you to easily calibrate any position on the deck with a click of a button and without having to stick your head under the hood. We are also working towards using the camera to check if all positions on the deck contain the items that will be used. And there are other exciting projects in the pipeline like getting the Myra to do colony picking of a plate.

Can you do extraction or NGS library prep?

Yes, with the Workbench Scripting function you can program a variety of different workflows for both NGS library prep and nucleic acid extraction. We provide an SBS size magnetic station to assist in bead clean up.

Do I need a technician to install the Myra?

That’s a no. Myra is very much a plug and play instrument. The liquid handling system can be installed in less than 30 min including time to set up a run and calibrate all positions being used. But if you do have any problems, we will be there to help.

Myra Videos

Myra Launch 
Official launch of our liquid handling system.

Fast Myra 
See just how fast our robotic liquid handler is.

Gene Expression with Myra 
Setup your gene expression studies using Myra and Mic.

Workbench for Service Labs
Workbench software makes working in a service lab a breeze.

Rotor-Gene Setup with Myra
Easy setup of Rotor-Gene runs using Myra liquid handling system.