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Here’s Myra, the world’s first automated liquid handling system that can see.

The Myra liquid handling system incorporates cutting-edge algorithms, an automatic pipette and integrated camera, ensuring precision pipetting. With Myra, you can save valuable time thanks to the exceptional speed, pinpoint accuracy of the automatic pipette, user-friendly software, and requires little to no maintenance.


Make your lab work seamless

Why do you need automated liquid handling systems?

A liquid handling robot is an automated device designed to handle liquids accurately and efficiently in laboratory settings. It enables precise dispensing, mixing, and transferring of liquids; in doing so reducing human error and increasing productivity. These automatic pipette robots play a crucial role in various scientific and medical research applications. Liquid handling instruments are no longer considered a luxury, but rather an everyday tool for laboratories around the globe.

Precise liquid handling robotics at your fingertips

In conjunction with the automatic pipette, Myra is equipped with a built-in camera and advanced algorithms, so it possesses the ability to visually comprehend and respond to its tasks. This functionality also grants Myra the power to actively monitor and track objects for potential user errors. Myra offers exactly what you want in your robotic liquid handling systems.

Myra Product

Perfect performance for
a precise job

The key to excellent data starts with accuracy and precision. With our state-of-the-art automatic pipette head offering < 1% at 5μL volumes, Myra will leave you confident in your results.

Save time on tedious tasks

Reclaim your time with other important jobs. The Myra automatic pipette is so precise and speedy, you will never have to worry about inaccuracies.


Easy Setup

Our Myra is the first liquid handling system with an integrated camera to help simplify robot calibration and setup. With an easy user interface that can integrate seamlessly with the
Mic, you are able to set up, run, and analyze all in one location.

Smaller size means more
space in the lab

At less than 10 kg and a footprint of less than 2 ft2, Myra is half the size of other liquid handling systems in its class.


Streamlined solutions are available for standard laboratory processes, encompassing qPCR, normalization, pooling, cherry-picking, and straightforward liquid transfers, even for 384 well plates. To tackle more intricate procedures such as NGS library preparation, cell media washing, or determining minimal inhibitory concentrations for antibiotic susceptibility or resistance, you can harness the power of Python-based scripting functions.

Your Low Maintenance Pipetting Robot

When it comes to testing and analysis, laboratory facilities cannot afford inaccuracy or downtime. With Myra, there is next to no maintenance involved, therefore continuing your highest level of productivity and efficiency. Compared to other liquid handling instruments, Myra is a liquid handling robot designed to perfection.

Pressure based liquid level sensing that can monitor
the aspirate and dispense process for errors.

Keeping an eye on the job

You can calibrate the Myra pipetting robot at the click of a button, eliminating the need to stick your head under the hood and eyeball the position. Thanks to the integrated high-precision camera, achieving calibration on a liquid handling system has never been this easy. Simply click to the middle of the tube image, and let the software do the rest.

The Myra liquid handler software will only require calibration of tubes in use.


The Myra liquid handling system boasts best-in-class accuracy and precision, with deviations of less than 2% for 2μL pipetting volumes. This remarkable precision is achieved through closed-loop axis control, which relies on optical encoders and advanced path planning. As a result, you only need to calibrate positions once, ensuring consistent and high-precision automatic pipette tip positioning, even for small aperture tubes like 384 well plates. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of tip changes.

Additionally, the interchangeable automatic pipette head provides you with greater flexibility to meet all your liquid handling requirements. Each automatic pipette head contains its own calibration data, eliminating the need for recalibration with each exchange. Furthermore, Myra now offers the option to vortex, utilizing a high-speed rotating motion of the Myra head to enhance and expedite the mixing of reagents.


Myra is a dynamic liquid handler designed with both style and function in mind. It weighs less than 10kg and boasts a footprint of less than 2ft2, which is half the size of other instruments in its class.

Furthermore, a closed pipette tip waste container not only minimizes the system’s footprint, it reduces the risk of contamination. The inclusion of UV LED lights and a compact HEPA filter further decreases the likelihood of contamination. This compact design is applied to both components, resulting in a reduced size and weight for the Myra liquid handling system.

Myra Product

Liquid Handling System Accessories

Introducing an open SBS platform for all consumable types. We offer various blocks, including the Multipurpose block, which can accommodate standard tube formats and provides setup flexibility without sacrificing space. Furthermore, you have the option to expand the library with your own plate or tube type. If needed, our in-house capabilities can even 3D-print blocks to house exotic tubes or plate types upon request.

In addition to these features, the introduction of a Myra magnetic station has unlocked new possibilities, enabling techniques such as magnetic bead-based NGS library preparation.
To support a wider range of applications, we also offer various cooling blocks that help maintain lower temperatures for extended periods during sample handling and reactions.

Feel free to reach out and inquire about enhancing your Myra robotic liquid handling systems – we are here to help you explore the full potential of your setup.

Automate qPCR on the Mic Cycler

Experience a perfectly seamless workflow when connecting the Myra liquid handling system with the Mic cycler for qPCR. Both instruments can be operated from a single user interface, eliminating the need for exporting or importing sample names. Simply set up, run, and analyze your experiments all in one convenient location. Once done, you can configure experiments for multiple Mic cyclers using a single Myra liquid handling system and analyze the results in a unified file using the Project feature.

We don’t limit our offerings to just qPCR; you can also take advantage of simplified solutions for NGS library preparation, bead clean up, normalization, cherry picking, dilutions and titrations, and pooling.

NGS Library Prep and Bead Clean Up

Myra offers semi-automated library preparation – streamlining the workflow, significantly reducing manual errors, and increasing reproducibility all while minimizing hands-on time.

Capable of handling up to 24 libraries, Myra incorporates a 96 Well Magnetic Station for bead clean-up steps, with off-deck heating to reduce robotic downtime. The workflow is split into manageable runs, with safe stopping points after the various library preparation steps including bead clean up.’

In NGS, repeatability and reproducibility are paramount. The Myra Liquid Handling System can successfully generate high-quality DNA libraries, with performance comparable to manual methods. Sequencing runs show high Q30 scores and consistent barcode balance. Sequencing coverage exhibits uniformity across the prepared libraries, resulting in low library variability and reliable performance. Myra not only reduces manual labor but also ensures high-quality sequencing results.

Want to try before you buy?
Ordering a demo is simple.


Order a Demo

Press the ‘Request a demo’ button below and fill out the form. One of our distributors will be in contact within 24 hours to organise a Mic or Myra to be sent out to you.


Plug and play

Once delivered, install the software, turn the machine on and you are up and running. Our machines do not require a technician setup or difficult calibration.


Place an order

If you are satisfied after your two week trial, you can choose to purchase a machine of your own. Contact your distributor and they will organise payment and shipment.

Myra | Specs

Myra front


Myra side



Height310 mm (610 mm lid open)
Width350 mm
Length460 mm
Weight9 kg


Position controlClosed loop, 100 μm resolution
Calibration High precision camera


Pipetting volume range1 – 50 μL
Liquid level detectionPressure sensing
Tips per rack384
Dispense modesSingle
Precision1 μL:            < 10% CV
5 – 50 μL:   < 1% CV
Accuracy1 μL:            < 10%
5 – 50 μL:   < 1%

Contamination Control

Tip disposal typeInternal enclosed waste container
HEPA filter99.98% at 0.3 μm
UV lampHigh intensity 70 mW 280 nm UV LED


TypeUSB 2.0
PC RequirementsIntel i5 2.4 GHz or equivalent processor, 4 GB RAM, 5 GB HD, 1366 x 768 display

Operating Environment

Temperature range18 – 30°C
Humidity30 – 80%


AC Input100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 4.0 A

Compatible with any countries standard plug/outlets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liquid handling system?

Utilized by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical research and development industries, liquid handling systems (also known as ALH systems) allow for the manual, hybrid, or fully-automated transference of liquids from one container to another. Robotic liquid handling systems are an essential component of the workflow in the majority of laboratories.

What are the benefits of using a liquid handling system?

Myra liquid handling systems have become a necessity in a greater number of laboratories and facilities. Liquid handling instruments are versatile and scalable, and benefits include:

  • Caters to a broad-spectrum of applications.
  • Automatic pipettes allow you to process a higher number of samples simultaneously, also with greater speed.
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Better protects users from hazardous or infectious samples.
  • With an automatic pipette you will improve consistency, accuracy and precision for less sample loss.
  • Errors are virtually eliminated.
  • Workflows can be drastically streamlined.
  • Reduces repetitive stress injuries for users that usually occurs with manual handling.

Does Myra offer flexibility?

Myra’s automated liquid handling systemsWorkbench, make it a market leader in the industry. Myra includes qPCR, sample liquid transfer, NGS library preparation, sample normalization and pooling as standard for effortless setup, configuration, and analysis. 

Myra liquid handling software also offers two qPCR settings which can be tailored to your specific laboratory settings. If your consumable type is unavailable, Myra allows you to create custom definitions and we can also 3D print blocks to suit exotic consumable types. The Myra liquid handling robotics system does give you the flexibility you need for your operations, without being too complex.

What makes Biomolecular Systems' liquid handling system, Myra, better than others?

Our most ambitious and groundbreaking liquid handling system to date…

  • Myra is robust, multifaceted, intuitive, and user-friendly. 
  • Myra includes a number of features never seen before on liquid analyzing platforms.