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Next generation qPCR analysis software that is user-friendly and packed with intelligent features.

See your results with detailed statistical analysis as soon as your run has completed.

Designed to meet MIQE specifications, our software offers you the most up-to-date qPCR analysis.

Mic Real Time PCR Projects Analysis Software


Take advantage of Mic’s modular functionality and amazing reproducibility by combining multiple runs from multiple instruments into one analysis. With the ability to combine up to 10 runs you can analyse up to 480 samples at one time.

Mic qpcr software utilizes qpcr genotyping to compare DNA sequences in real time.

Now there is no need to wait for samples to be batched into one 96 or 384 well run. Complete the runs at the time you need them done and see the results now, not later. Take advantage of our media features and analyse traffic accurately.

Mic Real Time PCR Software - Relative Quantitation Analysis

Relative Quantification

Mic’s RQ software uses up-to-date mathematical models and well-founded statistical analysis, allowing you to compare gene expression levels for different targets across multiple groups.

All the necessary calculation and statistics are carried out within the qpcr software.  Data is reported both numerically and graphically.

With Mic’s superior temperature uniformity you can easily detect differences between samples as little as 0.2 fold.

Mic Real Time PCR High Resolution Melt (HRM) Analysis Software

High Res Melting

Mic’s optional HRM analysis characterises DNA samples according to their melt behaviour so you can identify mutations.  HRM is the perfect tool for applications including determining allele prevalence, screening for loss of heterozygosity, DNA fingerprinting, DNA methylation, species identification and calculating the ratio of somatic acquired mutations.

Even difficult Class IV SNPs are no problem for Mic – the example here clearly shows the A base allele (red), T base allele (blue) and the heterozygote (purple).

Mic Real Time PCR Absolute Quantitation Analysis Software

Absolute Quantitation

Using a standard curve, AQ analysis allows you to determine the absolute amount of a genetic target.

This five point, two fold dilution series produced an efficiency of 98%. The percentage variation between the given and calculated concentrations was no greater than 5% allowing for accurate quantification of the unknown sample.

Mic Real Time PCR Melt Genotyping Analysis Software


Use differential melt curves from various types of chemistries, including quenched FRET dual hybridization probes, beacon probes or Plexor to characterise a sample’s genotype. Melt peaks can be inverted to accommodate the different chemistry types.

Mic Real Time PCR Allelic Discrimination Analysis Software

Allelic Discrimination

Determine genotypes using dual labelled hydrolysis probes. With each probe designed toward a genetic variant, classify each genotype by using real time amplification data.

Use the Assay library design feature to setup your target alleles and allow the software to call the unknowns automatically at the touch of a button.


The Identifier analysis uses a logic engine to help automate the identification of a target. The logic engine is a set of rules that will enable the qpcr software to make the identification.

Controls are also utilised to make appropriate decisions regarding the result of each sample and the run as a whole. These rules can be pre-defined for each target used in the assay individually or as a whole group of targets.

Identifier is a great tool for anyone wanting to do their own in-house diagnostics.

Discover the difference with our lightweight pcr machine and detection system today.

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