Temperature Verification System

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Temperature Verification System (TVS)

Assured System Performance

Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of international quality standards, Mic TVS will verify the thermal accuracy of your Mic instrument. It uses a sensor permanently embedded in a tube so we know exactly what the temperature inside your tubes are. Each Mic TVS is calibrated in house on a system traceable to a NATA reference standard.

Plug & Play

The process is so simple anyone can do it! Built right into the Mic software is a wizard to guide you step by step through the process. Upon completion a report is generated which can be printed and stored for your documentation. The whole process is completed in less than 25 minutes.

Calibration of TVS

In addition we offer an annual calibration service for your Mic TVS so you can be sure your instruments are always performing at their best.

No Calibration Required

Nothing To Degrade

Common block based cyclers use Peltier elements. Peltier’s age as does the heat sink compound that keeps them in thermal contact with  the block and the heat sink below. Mic is a non-contact system. The rotor is not in contact with anything physical just the induction field. That’s why nothing changes over time.

Mic qPCR Machine Mic wireframe



Plug TVS unit into PC.
Load sensor tubes into Mic.


Follow the Wizard instructions.
Completed in less than 25 min.

Calibration of TVS

Report provides a document
of the verification.

micTVS Options

Pick which option best suites you.

Do It Yourself

Buy the micTVS


Distributor Does It

Order a verification service.



DimensionsW: 45 mm, L: 125 mm, H: 80 mm
Weight225 g
Temperature Accuracy± 0.2‎ºC
Verification Temperatures60 and 95‎ºC
Verification time25 min (approx.)
Operating Environment
Temperature22 – 28‎ºC
Relative Humidity20 – 80%
TVS Calibration ServiceREF MIC-TVSCAL