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February 15, 2024 | Myra Scripts, Nucleic Acid Extraction


AmpliClean Reagent was developed for the purification of PCR products or fragmentated DNA >100 bp from contaminants (e.g excess primers, nucleotides, salts and enzymes) and is used for DNA/RNA cleanup for different genomic applications like NGS, PCR, Cloning and Fragment Analysis. It utilises proprietary bead technology to selectively bind nucleic acids by type and size, making it automation friendly. By automating the cleanup process, it provides a standardized workflow for improved results as well as reduction in costly errors and hands-on time.

This protocol automates AmpliClean Cleanup Kit for to 24 samples on the Myra using the Myra 96 Well Magnetic Station.

More information on the protocol can be found via Download the Protocol PDF.

Revision History

16 February 2024Initial version