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micPCR Software Version 2.8 Release

We have now released an updated version of the micPCR Software. This new version allows for full integration with our new Myra Liquid Handling System.

The world’s first Magnetic Induction Cycler just got better! The updated Mic qPCR software not only meets most MIQE specifications, but also offers real-time detailed statistical analysis results as soon as the program finishes running.

With its patented technology, the Mic takes the samples through rapid heating and cooling cycles that makes it speed faster compared to its leading competitors. Additionally, its optical system with 2 or 4 channel modes also contributes to matching the pace. Each channel has its own high intensity LED, photodetector, and filter set that enhances its overall detection performance.

In addition to speed, accuracy is also important. Mic can compare samples between several runs with precision using a unique spinning rotor mechanism that allows temperature uniformity no matter if used statically or dynamically. And the most important feature is that the Mic qPCR Cycler will never need calibration and it is good to be used out of the box whenever, wherever.

Mic only weighs 2kg which makes it mobile and compact. Its size is enabled by its unique magnetic induction technology. Instead of using big bulky tubes, heated lids, and external centrifuges like any other cyclers, the Mic uses 0.1mL strips of tubes and caps that can support 5 to 30µL. This tiny cycler has been downsized but includes all improved features that provide quality results.

Mic can be connected using Bluetooth and as many as then of the cycler can connect to one computer. With its updated software, getting the data is easier more than ever. Installation is as easy as installing the software on the PC and running the Mic from there. The software has been made more user-friendly than ever that you don’t need to worry about anything other than waiting for the results.

Mic is built to be sturdy and reliable. However, for the sake of your peace of mind, it has a replacement warranty of 2 years that can be extended up to five. For those who are interested to try out Mic, you can request a demo or find the nearest distributor in your location.