Qseq Sequencer

Qseq Sequencer

Compact Automated DNA Sequencer

Qseq Personal DNA Sequencer Methylation


Qseq Personal DNA Sequencer Quantitation


Qseq Personal DNA Sequencer De Novo Sequencing


Compact automated personal DNA sequencer for
Quantifying Genotypes, Methylation Quantification and De novo Sequencing


With an automated workflow and simple user interface the Qseq enables users to confidently identify and quantify genetic hotspots through the use of next generation sequencing.

Validate whole genome sequencing or sequence array data with high accuracy at a low cost.  Perfectly designed for fast targeted re-sequencing, the Qseq can quickly and accurately sequence up to 150 base pairs*. The Qseq compliments your next gen sequencer, allowing you to quantitate genotypes, SNP’s or methylation levels down to 5%.

Designed for ease of use, the Qseq automatically prepares your template and sequences in one operation. Multiple assays can be analysed within a single run and with a low cost per sample you will wonder why you ever sent samples out for sequencing.

With Qseq there’s no need to sequence your whole genome again –  just your target region.

*Assay dependent

Qseq Personal DNA Sequencer Features
7″ Wizard Driven Touch Interface
Optical drop detection for guaranteed results
Removable injector cartridges


The Qseq has a simple and easy to follow workflow with minimal hands on time. The workflow is split between the PC software for assay setup, run setup and analysis, and the instrument.

Setup Assay
Setup Run
Run Instrument

6 Steps

The following 6 steps are all that are required to run the instrument.

Select Run file
Insert Waste Strip and Disc
Injector Preparation
Load Beads and Template
Sequence Run
Injector Clean



Qseq Personal DNA Sequencer


Height 300 mm injector cover closed
390 mm injector cover open
Width 250mm
Length 385 mm chamber lid closed
560 mm chamber lid open
Weight 8.5 kg


AC Input 100-240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 2.5 A
Fuse Type 3A UL Approved

Sample Disc and Rotor

Well capacity 20 µL (typical reaction volume of 10 µL)
Speed 60 rpm; max. 2500 rpm (during wash cycle)
Mixing Rotor vibration frequency of 50 Hz


Injectors Three injector cartridges each with 4 x 3.8 mL injectors
Nucleotide 100 ± 10% nL/dispensation (dATPαS, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP)
Reagent 1 500 ± 10% nL/dispensation (4x sequencing primer and binding buffer)
Reagent 2 500 ± 10% nL/dispensation (denaturation solution, enzyme, substrate and annealing


Temperature 28 ± 0.5ºC
Waste Absorbent waste capture strip with a maximum allowable volume capacity of 8 mL

Working Environment

Temperature Ambient air temperature range from 18 – 30ºC
Humidity 30 – 80%

Operating Environment

Temperature 18 – 35ºC
Relative Humidity 20 – 80%

User Software

User Software Computer Integrated embedded PC with 7” touch panel
File Transfer USB flash drive or Ethernet
Interface Wizard driven interface with comprehensive information for loading and running instrument
Compatibility Linked to Qseq Software
File Transfer USB flash drive or Ethernet


Workflow Automated template binding, template denaturation, primer annealing and all associated wash cycles required to achieve a sequencing reaction
Template Range 0.2 pmole – 1 pmole
Primer Optional automated sequence primer loading (two injector positions available)
Applications Simultaneous running of multiple assays and assay types including SNP, AQ, CpG and SQA to achieve methylation analysis, de novo sequencing, mutation characterisation including In/Dels, speciation, quantitative allele sequencing and SNP genotyping as some examples.

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